THE STRAIN Season 4 TRAILER The End (2017) FX Series

THE STRAIN Season 4 TRAILER The End (2017) FX Series

Of all the creatures in the world the human animal is the most dangerous Fortunately a new species has risen to supplant them I still can’t believe we’ve lost What the hell are they up to ? [The world is dying] [You are its last hope] These terrorists will be hunted down [If we waited for the perfect moment to revolt,] it would never happen I call this a win. What are you doing here ? Waiting for you. [The Strain. Premiere sunday, July 16. On FX]

5 comments on “THE STRAIN Season 4 TRAILER The End (2017) FX Series

  1. gyllespie Post author

    *Spoilers Ahead*

    -Sardu was the best master. I love that scene where a boy's grandmother tells a story about Sardu's past.
    -Just when I was starting to like Nora and her fine ass, she dies. I hate it when they do this.
    -Really wish the strigoi didn't use their sucking tubes all the time. Some of them have nice, sharp teeth which would've made it fun to see a few bloody and traditional vampire neck sucking scenes.
    -I"m not satisfied with that little shit's (named Zack) death. He should've been the victim of a deadly head stomp, not Quin.
    -Quin deserves a better defeat. That final fight scene was weak. He appeared as if he didn't know what he was doing.
    -Overall, pretty good show. Lots of things were cheesy and dumb but I'd much rather watch this show than something like Stranger Things. I hope to see similar projects in the near future. I'm running out of shows to watch.


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