The Strain 4×09 Promo “The Traitor” (HD) Season 4 Episode 9 Promo

The Strain 4×09 Promo “The Traitor” (HD) Season 4 Episode 9 Promo

Thousands trained on hopes. They were just our
price to survive. Sunday… You were with the
master for nine months. I want to trust you. But you don’t. The master wants to
draw us into a trap. If we set this off,
how big is the explosion? Only one episode left
before the series finale. You came here to betray me. The Strain, all new Sunday
at 10:00pm on FX and FXNOW.

63 comments on “The Strain 4×09 Promo “The Traitor” (HD) Season 4 Episode 9 Promo

  1. Nomad Lord Post author

    Dutch and Quinlan am I the only one confused by the looks she gives him sometimes and Eph please shoot the little fucker

  2. Swoody Post author

    DO IT EFF DO IT…………………………………………………………………………..remember what the old man said he had to kill his wife your gonna have to do the same PLZ……………….GOD don't give us a scene were his hands starts shaking and he starts crying and he is like I cant do it your SON died the day he pressed that button he made his choice along time ago.

  3. gandharzero Post author

    Zach likes shots. The Master gives him money shots and Eph will give that little monster the releasing headshot.

  4. Michael59197 Post author

    Yeah like Eph is Going to kill Zack in cold blood… If only. That little piece of shit will do damage for the last time. I just hope it will not be too much damage. Zack will even tell his father that he is weak because he couldn't pull the trigger, while the master would do it in a heartbeat. In the end Eph might be forced to kill his son stopping him from killing someone else. That will give him the cause to make the ultimate sacrifice and kill the master no matter the cost. A man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous man and the master will find out why soon…

  5. Tomfoolery Post author

    Stupid ass Eph trusting Zach. "Hey my son started nuclear winter and pretty much destroyed humanity, but he's a good kid at heart".

  6. Kira K Post author

    If Eph kills Zach he is even more of an asshole than I always thought. Zach isn't even turned. I hope he remains loyal to the master. And still don't get how everyone hates Zach.

  7. Michael Brown Post author

    I was hoping Abraham Setrakian's death would be more climatic but than you remember that he is like 94 years old lol

  8. Garanke Bah Post author

    Your child your own flesh and blood that little bundle you held in your arms when he just came in to this world…no matter what he's done there is no horrible decision more than this

  9. wanda dias Post author

    I think it's impossible Eph kill the son because he does all this to survive and he always wanted to protect his child, so even if he kills Zack and got the Master and everything end he will not be happy…. he lost his wife, Nora, friends, Setrakian… he will not kill the son. BUT at least I hope it scares the hell out of Zach so that little bastard could help him and understand everything.

  10. reggie burkes Post author

    Eph set a trip for Zach to betray him. That's why he said you came here to betray me. He would be stupid to trust him without a test.

  11. Brian Black Post author

    Eph knows it's a trap but with him and Sanja (or however it's spelled) that's all the masters main human allies

  12. Nathaniel Seaberry Post author

    Killing Zach is the ultimate sacrifice the professor was talking about, he's also collaborator that needs to die to hurt the master the most. Zach is who he's grooming to be his next host body, kill him then you can destroy his host body and destroy the worm before it has a chance to escape this time.

  13. Jose Guevarra Post author

    I've wanted Zach to die since Season 1 but, now I want to see him live long enough to get deflowered by his muncher girlfriend.

  14. Larry Berry Post author

    Don't be mad at me if I wish, from the bottom of my heart, to see the little kid die of a horrible death.
    Furthermore, how can you forgive someone who set off a nuke for "revenge"?

  15. swamp5050 Post author

    As Quinlan walks away the guy says he's got some pretty big balls and Dutch says as a matter of fact he doesn't! The question is how does she know if he has balls, just saying! hehe


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