The Strain 4×08 Promo “Extraction” (HD) Season 4 Episode 8 Promo

The Strain 4×08 Promo “Extraction” (HD) Season 4 Episode 8 Promo

What happens next will determine the fate of all of us. I don’t have much time. Master is clearly afraid of us attacking him. The odds of killing him are good. Please don’t make me kill somebody today. They’re in the building. They will not stop until they have incinerated us all. Don’t let the work I’ve done be in vain.

38 comments on “The Strain 4×08 Promo “Extraction” (HD) Season 4 Episode 8 Promo

  1. Divide Post author

    OMG OMG OMG Episode 7 ending was freakin amazing!!! RIP Thomas, finally about time. But he was my fav character 🙁

  2. Kira K Post author

    Why did they have to kill Eichhorst? He was the best in the show. R.I.P. Hopefully Zack doesn't betray the master. Hope the master finishes them all off.

  3. Brandon Hua Post author

    My theory is that Quinlan will become an ancient, embodying the Master's worm but remaining in control due to his independence. Zack and Eph will be in a bad condition in the last episode and we'll think they're dying but Quinlan can use the white to restore them.

  4. Jess Bell Post author

    My god last nights episode was one of the best ones. You can slowly see it coming together. Sertrakian is on his last legs but I am so pleased they killed that German bastard. Dutch and eph together please?!!!

  5. MozartDatabase Post author


    The master will die with Quinlan, goodweather and Zach, destroyed by the nuclear bomb as is place of birth, and next the Angel Mickael and Gabriel will come for take the Azrael body to bring it to God, and everyone will see thats.

    For information: i have read the 3 books 🙂

  6. ninelivecat Post author

    It was so satisfying when they finally killed Eichorst and the master looked scared knowing he had lost his lieutenant great actor though

  7. MrAlexTuan Post author

    I still can't believe Professor got bitten. Is he gonna turn?
    Episode 7 was epic,Professor finally took down his destined enemy.
    What Professor said was also affecting and inspiring.He really is the soul figure of them all.
    I really hope Professor can finish his mission and die like a warrior which he has always been.

    And what would happen to Quinlan,he doesn't deserve to die.Hope they'll figure something out in the next episode. It seemed like Professor had already got some clue.

  8. wintersnoob Post author

    Doesn't it feel strange that those elite Strigoi of the Master can fight Quinlan to a standstill?

  9. Magic_ Post author

    So…. If Master has this big worm inside him and someone will cut it in a half that makes two Masters ? xD

  10. Damian Kazmierczak Post author

    At first this serial looks good , but more episodes amd seasons it start to be more and more stupid . It has so many "bugs" and really stupid story and END WILL BE MOST STUPID ENDING EVER CREATED IN TVSERIES.

    The main goal of "master" is faking stupid . He want to be only thinking creature in world . He kills all humans and than what ? what will he drink ? what will he do ? And he wait so many years to what ? 200 years earlier he has better opurtinity to make his plan .

  11. fR0stTV Post author

    I keep watching the end of last episode again and again… It's the most epic scene of the show so far


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