The Strain 3×09 Promo “Do Or Die” (HD)

The Strain 3×09 Promo “Do Or Die” (HD)

The Strain 3×09 Promo Season 3 Episode 9 Promo

15 comments on “The Strain 3×09 Promo “Do Or Die” (HD)

  1. Carl Viernes Post author

    I was really happy to see that they were able to show tons of strigoi just like what they showed in the first trailer.

  2. COD4LI4E 69 Post author

    That fight previous episode was one of the most epic battles I have ever seen.Such an underrated show.

  3. Aquaman #KingOfAtlantis#WaterWraith#AtlanteanDeezy Post author

    Man those 3 king strigoi fight was straight up badass.


  4. Dulgrut Post author

    Am I the only one who finds Gus storyline just totally worthless and boring waste of time? Like really… even a homeless person trying to survive this "plague" in the city would be more interesting…

  5. gandharzero Post author

    Quintus/Quinlan apparently escaped in the last scene with his flash move.
    Looks like the three ancients are either dead or with luck incapacitated.
    Anyways they killed the swarming minor strigoi with such ease that even 10k of them would not be a problem.

  6. theGT5 Post author

    Epic fucking episode especially the end haha so badass… finally some positivity… love this season tho it makes me forget how boring the 2nd was, they really got it together!

  7. theGT5 Post author

    I like how Eldritch remains a true businessman like he's interested in fixing his health, getting the white, he doesn't really give a damn if he serves the bad side or the good side I think 😀 and he could feel himself really scammed tho… like Setrakian gave him more white for some favour than the master for letting them destroy half of the country 😀


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