The New Pilates & GYROTONIC(R) Studio at CORE In Austin, Texas

Hey guys… happy happy Monday its Stephen
Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates. We had a huge weekend and over the weekend
we were able to rearrange the space we as we as we took over some more space in
the back so I just want to do a quick little tour of the studio before we get
started… so as you walk in the studio the Gyrotonic studio looks fairly
similar we still have the Gyrotonic towers along the wall where they were
but this is what’s going to be different is the space where all the Pilates
equipment has now been moved to the back so we now have a we got this space about
five years ago maybe four years ago and this is what we’ve been doing all
weekend is getting this place ready in the back… so we’ve got our four
Reformers in the back oh I need to come back here I’m losing my connection I
don’t get internet over here that’s good to know so here’s the new
space so if you are taking a reformer class you will be in the back space
today we do have our mirror down over there in the back corner we’ll get that
put installed this week… so nope no stepping on the mirror but that’s our
new space we’re pretty excited about it and if you have any questions or
comments put them below but we’ll have some new classes coming your way for the
start of the school year all right guys y’all have a good one…
we’ll see y’all soon…

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