The Japanese Hangover Drink – Turmeric Power

The Japanese Hangover Drink – Turmeric Power

If you spend a bit of time in Japan and go
out for drinks every now and then, you’ll start to notice that a lot of people will
beforehand, drink this stuff- it’s called “Ukon no Chikara!” Ukon no Chikara. You can find it at almost any convenient store
and sometimes Japanese izakayas will sell them at the front desk or let you order it
from the menu. (An izakaya is like a pub or a bar) Ukon no
Chikara means “turmeric power.” It’s supposed to prevent you from getting
a hangover. When I was going to University in Tokyo, I
participated in a lot of Nomikais – Nomi means drink, Kai means meeting. Basically drinking parties. As someone who’s naturally kind of weak
when it comes to alcohol, over the years, I drank a lot of these ukon no chikaras. So what’s in it? Does it even work? Well, in every bottle, there’s 30 milligrams
of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric. And, curcumin has been shown to have all kinds
of health benefits. In 2012, Subash Gupta and colleagues published
an article about the Therapeutic Roles of Curcumin. The article is very thorough, citing over
a hundred studies and lists what dosage had what specific outcome in trying to ameliorate
what disease. The study says: “Some promising effects have
been observed in patients with various diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease,”
arthritis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and 23 other diseases are
listed here. Initially, turmeric having benefit for all
these different diseases sounds kind of ridiculous, but these are all pro-inflammatory diseases. And the curcumin found in turmeric is a very
powerful anti-inflammatory. So, what about hangovers: The study says that
curcumin has also shown protection against liver conditions, chronic arsenic exposure
and alcohol intoxication. So, If we go down to table 1 and look for
Alcohol Intoxication we find that a single dose of just 30 miligrams of curcumin inhibited
alcohol intoxication. That happens to be the same amount in each
bottle of ukon no chikara. Let’s go to citation 73 to see which study
talks about this. …And of course, it was published by a Japanese
team. In this article from 2011, they gave subjects
a solution of curcumin where the particle size has been drastically reduced to improve
bioavailability – to improve the absorption of the curcumin. They found that this curcumin solution significantly
reduced the amount of acetaldehyde in the blood after alcohol consumption. Acetaldehyde is a toxic byproduct of ethanol
(or alcohol) metabolism. Acetaldehyde is some 10 to 30 times as toxic
as alcohol itself. It’s one of the ways drinking alcohol makes
you feel like crap and gives you a hangover. Some people, predominantly East Asians, have
a mutation in their alcohol dehydrogenase gene, which makes them convert ethanol to
acetaldehyde unusually fast. And, they break acetaldehyde down more slowly,
leading to a very high concentration of acetaldehyde. Some estimates say 6 as much as normal. And this leads to something known as the alcohol
flush reaction, where people’s neck and face turn quite red. This is more commonly known as the “Asian
Flush.” OK, so curcumin reduces acetaldehyde, making
alcohol metabolism less toxic, so you have less of a chance of getting a hangover, or
at least it won’t be as bad. But, to be honest, for me it was never really
clear if the ukon no chikara drink even did anything. And it’s probably because I wasn’t effectively
absorbing those 30 mg of curcumin. This is because your liver seems to treat
curcumin like it would a foreign substance, so it doesn’t absorb it very well. When you consume curcumin on its own, there
is only a tiny rise in the levels in your bloodstream. This very low absorption rate is the problem
the study I mentioned earlier tried to solve by reducing the particle size. But, there’s an easier way to absorb curcumin
more effectively. Just take it with some black pepper. A compound in black pepper called piperine
inhibits the process in the liver that hinders curcumin absorption. This study found that curcumin bioavailability
went up 2000% , just by consuming a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper along with it. You can also add a bit of good fat, and apply
some heat to the turmeric to further improve absorption of the curcumin. -Adding fat to the mix helps the curcumin
to be absorbed directly because it’s fat soluble, so if you take it with fat, it will
be processed through the lymphatic system, helping to bypass the liver. -And heat also seems to improve the effects
of curcumin. This study found that getting the turmeric
hot by adding it to people’s food while cooking had much better effects than just
taking it in capsule form. If we look at the ingredients in Ukon no Chikara
it has high fructose corn syrup, autumn turmeric extract, salt, thickening agent, coloring,
fragrance, sweetener, inositol, more sweetener, then vitamin B6, B1 and B2 and an emulsifier. So it doesn’t really look like there’s
anything in here to help with the absorption of the curcumin. This is probably why I didn’t have any luck
with it, but To be fair, back then I was drinking a lot
of alcohol – I would have 3 drinks within the first hour of a Friday night, but nowadays
I’ll have maybe 3 drinks per month. Recently my brother came to visit and we celebrated
his birthday with some beers. My tolerance for alcohol is much lower now
that I rarely drink, so I was expecting the beers we had to give me a hangover. So I tried taking a couple grams of ground
turmeric with black pepper and the next morning felt surprisingly …normal. A couple weeks after that I had the chance
to put turmeric to the test again, and I had more surprisingly positive results. It’s not magic, but it was substantial – Much
better results than I ever had drinking one of these. Personally, I’ve found 3 grams of ground
turmeric with about a gram of black pepper has some pretty impressive effects- not just
to mitigate hangovers, but anti-inflammatory effects as well. You can mix the turmeric and black pepper
with hot water just off a boil and some coconut milk and cinnamon, and it’s pretty good. Then again you can use whatever healthy fat
you want, you could eat some macadamia nuts or an avocado along with the turmeric and
black pepper in hot tea. With the holidays and holiday parties coming
up, I figured it would be good to share this. Even if you don’t like the taste of curry,
it’s worth trying. It won’t allow you to drink infinite alcohol
of course, but you might wake up feeling better than you did last year.

100 comments on “The Japanese Hangover Drink – Turmeric Power

  1. Michael Stanford Post author

    Just a tip for all you people torturing yourselves with turmeric and black pepper water: if pepper works then so should grapefruits/grapefruit juice, both piperine and the furmarocoumarin compounds in grapefruit are CYP3A4 inhibitors. Should at least mask the nastiness of the turmeric a bit better. 🙂

  2. Pungent Bleach Post author

    The closer to the source the better! The drink with the thickener, coloring fragrance, emulsifier etc is far away from the source. Having the powder and skipping all the crap ^ is so much better and effective :]

  3. Ghostlych0b Post author

    Did that Chart he showed w .03g of curcumin not include the fact we don’t absorb a full 30mg or is that factored in?

  4. BurdHoos Post author

    I'm going to call myself "Naturally weak to alcohol" instead of 'a lightweight' from now on XD

    Also, i'll second a video on your research mothodology, your so good at it 😀


    I love this channel but I only rarely watch the videos because I know if I click on another one I'm going to feel like I have to make a change in my life and it's too much work.

  6. isthatabear Post author

    This worked! I had this drink, then 6 glasses of wine and 3 glasses of whisky. Woke up tired (due to lack of sleep), but very functional.

  7. iNTEl One Post author

    I think a video about Soy beans will be really helpful, also what's the best way to cook it would be helpful.

  8. Geo Noy Post author

    I also heard that you should eat some salmon to restore the lost vitamines and minerals.And salmon also has healthy fats…so maybe salmon is a better alternative than the avocado?

  9. smp156 Post author

    when ever i stay in for a night of drinking by myself, i ALWAYS pop 4-5 turmeric capsules before i go to sleep. wake up 2 days later without any issue… no, just joking… about waking up 2 days later. turmeric works to help ease a hang over

  10. Warhammered Post author

    I'm learning Japanese. Are there any tips for learning kanji and how they work with kana in a sentence?
    Interesting video though.

  11. Greg T. Post author

    based upon this video (I watched two), I have to subscribe because I love how you dissected the product, and YOU also provided a solution based upon the study to improve the effectiveness of the ingredient, nice.

  12. Panda Beats Post author

    I'm currently ordering the stuff at the end to make the drink but I don't know if you used cinnamon powder or cinnamon sugar? could you or anyone please let me know, thank you =)

  13. Marc Goebel Post author

    Why is the thumbnail Fassbender from X-Men? XD And why is it so hard for Youtubers who make Japan related videos to pronounce 居酒屋 and other Japanese words??

  14. gammaray0wn Post author

    Well this video earned a subscription – always great to see researched videos rather than pure opinion and 'feelings'!

  15. Taokuoh Post author

    Japan is the best country (currently) to live in in my opinion. 1st in Technology, Education and Life Expectancy. 4th in Healthcare and Trading. 5th biggest Army and 10th most peaceful country. Japan definitely holds the expression of "it's a different world out there" I hope to visit Japan one day. (I'm from the UK).

  16. Matthew Trzcinski Post author

    1 tsp tumeric, .5 tsp pepper and .5 tsp cinnamon, turned from an experiment into a regular drink. I think it's doing something, but it's actually a pleasant evening tea.

  17. Zocchihedron Post author

    Clarifying question: Did you drink the turmeric teaish beverage before you started drinking, after drinking but before bed, or when you got up the next day?

  18. RMK Post author

    Lookout for this formula coming to every liquor store and supermarket in Australia in the next year, I’m on it.

  19. Suspendius Post author

    Three drinks within an hour? You are weak american. That's how we kick of the first five minutes of a party in Denmark!

  20. xCestLaVie1 Post author

    It's crazy how advanced Indian cooking is and how we are only finding out now the substantial health benefits of spices that has been deeply rooted culturally for thousands of years.

  21. Bigassboya Post author

    Turmeric, black pepper, cucumber water, olive oil and lemon juice? How effectivr is it to heat it vs not? Because this drink sounds more palatable cold tbh.

  22. Sustaeval Post author

    Huh whats the point of drinking something to inhibit intoxication? The whole point to get intoxicated. Maybe if you drank it before bed?

  23. Steven dv Post author

    "It won't allow you to drink infinite alcohol of course, but you might wake up feeling better than you did last year."

  24. NPJ Global Post author

    Great content as always but why would you advise adding Coconut Milk to the mixture ? Isn't coconut oil one of the unhealthiest fat types overall? Actually why don't you make a video about the new controversial studies about Copra and lauric acid ? Cheers

  25. Arth Post author

    Yep, black pepper inhibit glucuronidation process which leaves liver wide open to REAL TOXINS. So, it's like temporary destroying Your house fence and shut down alarms to bring some cool laser gun. In the meantime, Your house is wide open to any burglars.

  26. Manny Medina Post author

    You can also use about 5g of Vitamin C for the same ani-hangover effects. Take it after drinking, you will wake up like nothing even happened. You might need more if you got completely wasted.

  27. Joel Pasloski Post author

    I've had success ingesting 2 fish oil (omega-3's) before drinking (total of around 600epa/400DHA – don't quote me on those numbers)

  28. Adam S. Post author

    I already routinely heat home made fatty bone broth with salt, pepper, and tumeric. I will try this the next time I drink to see my results.

  29. sus2731 Post author

    SUSCRIBED!! relevant information for this season: thanksgiving drinking, Christmas drinking, new year's eve drinking, st. valentine drinking……

  30. axegoggi Post author

    Man, best thing ever. I went out on a night of heavy drinking, and the day after I can resume studying. Felt weird for about two hours after drinking it tho.

  31. Jimmy Arthur Post author

    Just drink a lot of water at the same time you're drinking the alcohol. Being fully hydrated will cancel out about 90% of the hangover pain. You're welcome!

  32. Merily Pavón Post author

    I love this channel. Just a question about the turmeric, pepper and fat concoction. Do I drink it before or after alcohol consumption?

  33. Tom Hockney Post author

    My Turmeric Tea recipe (all powder):
    1pt Tumeric
    1pt Cinamon
    0.5pt Ginger
    0.1pt Black pepper
    Pinch of Nutmeg.

    Add lemon or liquorice root for flavouring. Drink with coffee for a spicy buzz.

  34. Radio 4Men Post author

    Don’t mix pepper with turmeric!! There is a reason why the body doesn’t take turmeric as it should. that gets to dangerous amount.

  35. Backed By Science Post author

    Indians drinks this whenever they get a cold..
    A little tumeric and black pepper and a Cup of worm milk… mix them.. your drink is ready!

  36. tuomas k Post author

    Doctors have been debating in Finland now that Piperine also would get the heavy metals much deeper into the tissues thus it being a bad thing.. dunno tho

  37. Grisha Krivchenia Post author

    How about an “effects of alcohol on the brain” video?

    Given your interest in self-improvement and health, it would be cool to do a deep dive on what alcohol does to brains in the short and long term. (Hint: it ain’t pretty!)

  38. M T Post author

    I started tumeric/golden milk while I was injured instead of ibuprofen and it definitely helps, brought down my swelling and inflammation in my injury. I put tumeric, pepper, cheyanne(sorry on spelling), and cinnamon in my first cup of coffee it's nice with some coconut milk especially. I drink it every morning I love it helps with a few things my blood circulation is better too.

  39. Notorious Nora Post author

    Eating works as well. Depends on what you eat though. Like eating from taco bell doesn't do anything but when I had a full meal with broth, meat and fat, I felt nothing the next morning.

  40. CIE Project Post author

    Just tried this. Unbelievably effective. Like, I was plastered, and I feel totally fine today


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