The Couch Stretch Made Better #2 – Stick Mobility Exercise

We’re back again! A variation, variation number
two on the Couch Stretch is with the Monkey Hang. So we can open up the whole lateral line, alright. So once again same setup as before,
you put the top of the foot on the bench, drop down, use the pad if needed, okay. This time instead of the stick being in front we’re
going to bring that stick to the side of your back leg. Reach your arm up, make sure
you have a nice tight grip, firm grip. Once again, activate, push down with the top of the
foot on the bench to light up and activate the quad. Grip and hang. Let your weight go down. Squeeze that right glute. And you’re going to feel that all the way through
your arm line, down into your ribs, shoulder, lats, and then all the way up from the hips, hip flexors, quad. Push. Breathe through the diaphragm.
Relax into it. Then ease off. Reset your grip if need be. Push the foot down into to the ground. Hang. You can also focus on pushing
the stick down into the ground. Hold that for 10 seconds. And then ease off. Do three reps and switch to the other side.

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