The Best Exercise for Text Neck or Dowagers’ Hump

So this is the way we use ‘spinal rolling’ – we call it ‘up the wall bridging’ – to deal with dowager’s hump or text neck. Now you have to get into the wall – you’re always rather ungainly – you have to get your bottom right in close to the wall. Because once you’re on your back it’s very difficult to get in closer. So what Cam is going to do now is swing his legs up and turn around and get into the wall, making sure that his bottom sitting-bones are actually touching the wall and his feet are up high like that. Now, what he’s going to do now is bend his knees and get his feet on the edge of the counter and then he’s going to hug himself – that takes his scapulae out of the way. You can hug yourself even a bit more there Cam, with your arms around the side of your chest wall. That really removes the scapula from the spine. And now pulling your tummy in you’re going to roll right up the spine, over each vertebra. And then he’s going to stay right at the top – as high as he can possibly get – so he’s right on the vertebrae from C7 down to about T3. And then he’s going to oscillate back and forth over those really stiff vertebrae. Now this may seem counterintuitive. It may seem as if it’s pushing you into the text neck position, or the dowager’s hump position. But you’re actually mobilising those very stuck vertebrae, which have become stuck by suspending your head – your very heavy head – in front of the line of gravity. And this is a beautiful mobilizing technique. Now, you can go over to the side here. So going way up to the top again there Cam – and then tipping over onto that first rib. And this is him coming over onto his left first, second, third ribs. And he’s mobilizing the ribs themselves. He’s pushing his neck long so he’s really getting pressure – those ribs being forced into the floor – as his body weight comes over them. And there it is. That’s long enough. And then you come down. There we go.

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