The Best Exercise For Back Pain

The Best Exercise For Back Pain

what about exercises the best exercise to strengthen your bag that’s today it’s important now be aware that back pain is like a puzzle and when I say it’s like a puzzle I’ve talked about this on every single video but nobody ever talks about this not every exercise is good for everybody not in the beginning so what does that mean it means that as you progress sometimes and get stronger for specific muscles very often then you can add new exercises okay this is another one of those exercises it’s not good for everybody but it’s great for stability so everybody needs it but they don’t need at first I want to confuse you but beware it’s a puzzle ok but when I say now everybody maybe sixty percent of people can do this right away without any problem in maybe twenty percent make it a little bit aggravated and there’s another 20 that makes you get worse so you have to be aware that it’s against like a puzzle our goal is to give you the tools this is all about back pain and our goal is to stabilize the spine and to create strength and really what you want is endurance because endurance is the ability to perform an activity over an extended period of time quick anatomy 24 vertebreak doing that and hips between your brother’s a disc the disc allows for motion now this disc sometimes is what is aggravated by doing the exercises yesterday we talked about the rotation how that can be tough on the disk ok sometimes you’re over strengthening over activating or over flexing like we talked about that aggravates the disk so there’s a lot of things you have to be aware of we’ll talk about it’s not the company so what are the causes typically bulging desperately does all the things you’ve always talked about degenerate dis the gnosis spondylolisthesis ok each one of these will benefit from this exercise but not always as the first exercise sometimes when we do it in our therapy it tends to be toward the end of therapy for very specific patients all back pain sufferer need your strength what score course all the muscles to go around here there’s muscles in the back those muscles inside this muscles in the front kind about your cords right here okay these are the extensor muscles in the back that’s what we’re talking about today extension need strong extensors lateral and then this front ok but today is really about all these muscles in the back endurance you need endurance endurance is the ability to perform an activity for an extended period of time how long does a muscle last before it gets fatigued if you do three activities and fatigues then we’re prone to having more problems in the future so you have to create endurance and this is about endurance but you need equal endurance front-to-back this is the key when you don’t have equal endurance you will have back pain so you need the muscles in the front your stomach muscles to be is strong and have the same length of time that they work together is endurance so you need that to happen you need endurance when it goes out of bounds that’s when you have a problem okay we’ve talked about if you do this to married but a rule of thumb that tell all my patients and again this is not a diagnosis this is not a treatment rule of thumb is if you do the exercise and it hurts stop doing it and if you have pain it’s not getting better you need to see a doctor period especially if you have a herniated disc because there’s a whole nother set of exercises that you do those in the right sequence you get better so this is all about extension extension are the muscles here we want these muscles to be strong we want to work on Courtney’s worker court build the muscles of directors with these muscles right here director spawning and tone the glutes we talk about the glutes key muscle back here keep muscle back here for stability of the spine the core is all the muscles that go around we talked about that yesterday and the directors are all the muscles that line is fine so how does this work we want you to lift up a leg and as you lift up your leg you’re going to extend a little bit of this part spine this is one of those exercises start with the easiest and again you progress to the more advanced so this is phase one phase one and really hears that user graphic we want the muscle strength and again this is this is not your core muscle but this is for illustration you want the muscle strength to be the same around the joint okay technically these are joints this is the vertebrae have joints and you have muscles in the back and you want the muscles in the front that do the opposite activity to be equal strength in equal endurance when one muscle is tighter and stronger than the opposite muscle that’s when you’re predisposed that’s why you need equal endurance front to back and talk about your core a lot of people need stomach but a lot of people need the back this is about the back this is not so much about the stomach so i’ll show you what it looks like dr. Amy the physical therapist will walk you through that and what she’s going to do she’s going play on her stomach so you have a stock and what you want to do is you’re going to lift your leg up and as you lift your leg up we’re going to strengthen the glute when you’re also going to start to work the muscles of the lower back so what you want to do you want to hold it for five seconds and lift it up to hold it for five seconds count to five and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to switch to the other leg so we’re going to do 20 reps a day on your stomach lifting your legs strengthen the glute work directors really important to have these muscles wrong going to 20 sets a day 20 reps 10 on each leg you’re going to hold it up hold for five seconds put it down do the other leg hold it up and you don’t want it what you don’t want to do is going to do this with your back okay you just want to the leg up a little bit activate the glutes activated directors super important that you have stability in these muscles for a couple reasons okay you want the balance front-to-back but also we talked about the worst thing for your spine in every tip I give you is about avoiding too much flexion flexion of your spine is this when you pick up things you need a strong back to hold you into extension that way when you’re doing the hip into these muscles don’t fatigue spine gives out you aggravate the disc these muscles need to be strong they need to be strong as you need balance but you also need strength here to avoid over flexion that is the goal that’s the tip of the day if you follow these exercises and you perform the tips you will start to feel better we’re giving you a part of the solution you do this you need to develop habits walk you need to strengthen the muscles the bodies need to move bodies are healthier when they move they don’t move your trouble we treat herniated disks if you’re doing this in your back gets worse call us we can help you with my study we have my sign we haven’t published study that says we’re the best at back pain so if you have back pain you come see this will give you copy of this study manufacturers want to copy the studies report the comments section will send you a copy of this time that’s it we’re here to help we can solve back problems we can solve them one at a time share our information like us on Facebook we’re here to help people don’t know what we do you have to share this information subscribe to our YouTube channel follow us on Instagram almost forgot and the Twitter so we’re here our goal is to give you tips give you stretches give you exercise and give you knowledge when you understand what the problem is the problem will start to go away if you do the right when you do the wrong thing it’s going to be devastating so you need to do the right thing and again if you do any of these and hurts call us okay because there’s a level of dysfunction in the disk that we can heal that nobody else can heal which is why we’re the best ok if you have a problem is not going away we could heal the discs and giving these exercises you doing forever you’re gonna be great to be happy to live your life and play golf play the piano run a lot I think we’re done that’s it today’s Thursday will see you friday tomorrow I don’t know we’re going to talk about but we’ll figure it out a morning stroll all right i’m gonna be careful don’t leave anything up there was something I needed to add to that we still rolling camera

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    I am struggling right now, been to physiotherapists. Done Xray and MRI. Diagnosed with slipped disc. Pain in my hip, groin and down right leg. Bad news you are overseas and I'm in South Africa


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