The 1st Thing to Try When You Have Back Pain + A Surprise Treatment!

The 1st Thing to Try When You Have Back Pain + A Surprise Treatment!

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous
physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – We’re gonna stand up,
we’re gonna sit down. – What? – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Why, Bob?, why? Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – That’d be the record for
the why Bob coming out, the earliest. This is, do I even finish the line? You got me all screwed up here now. I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – Together, we are the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob.
– Got that out. Okay the first thing to try
when you have back pain. Plus we’re going to show
you a surprise treatment. This is one of those occasions, Brad, where it actually works out great when some of this stuff
happens to me or to you because you kinda work through it and you know what people are going through when they have it, then. – Sure, yeah. – So with all this snow
we’ve gotten, you know. – Yeah, we’ve had–
– 25 feet I think we got. Yeah, it’s a record
February for us, for snow. – Yeah, in Minnesota and Wisconsin. – Right, and so I was
doing a lot of shoveling and I didn’t warm up real well, and I was using the correct
technique, though, I think. – You were. – Yeah, but my back, you know, kinda twinged my back a little bit, not terrible, but bad enough. – Yeah. – And so I started off by
doing this one exercise, which I’ll show you, and then I had a little surprise treatment at the end that kinda
took it away completely. – So we’re supposed to sit around and wait for this big surprise.
– That’s right, baby. We’re gonna pull you in here. By the way, if you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on stay
healthy, fit, pain free, and we upload every day. Also you’ll want to join us
on our social media channels, if we get it right. Instagram, we got Facebook BobandBrad. You’re gonna want to join us on these, because we’re giving
away stuff all the time. Right now we’re giving away
the breather yet, no we’re not, we’re giving away something tomorrow. – Okay. – If you ever go to our website, on the heading that says giveaways, tomorrow we’ll be giving away a how to treat your own neck booklet and also a neck roll that you
can use when you’re sleeping. – Neck treatment, in other words. You got neck pain, it’s gonna help.
– We’re giving away at least five of those. All right, I think we made our point. All right, so the first
thing you wanna do, you know, this is immediate, Brad, a lot of people I think
are surprised at this. I mean, yeah you can
put heat or cold on it right away if you want, but I actually start moving it right away. So I twinged my back, and generally, for 80% of the people
that hurt their back, a lot of times this is the
one you’re gonna want to try, You hurt your back bending forward, so we’re gonna want you to bend in the opposite
direction as treatment. So as soon as I hurt my back, in fact, I started doing these. But I got down, and you could do these, I purposely stayed in a tie, ’cause you can do these
throughout the day, no matter what clothing you’re wearing. The first thing I did is I
started, I got down like this, and I laid like this a little bit. Just let things calm down. And then I just started working my back, just in small arcs like
this, arches, arcs. (laughing) Which one is it, Brad? – Well, I don’t know, but
he’s bending it backwards in the way that a normal
back, it should be pain free, but if it’s not, and
like Bob had mentioned, I think you mentioned before, an issue when you did this, it wasn’t responding real well, right? – No, what happened was
I got up to this point, and it wouldn’t go any further. I could tell it was blocked. ‘Cause when I’m normal, I can go all the way up like this, and my pelvis is still on the bed, see it’s not coming up like this, or on the floor, you know it’s not, you’re not lifting up like this, ’cause this does you no good at all. The pelvis has to stay on the floor and you have to get bend here. And I’m real in touch with my body because I do these all the time, so I know how far I can go normally, and I was stuck kinda right here. So for a bunch of days I kept doing it, I’d wake up and my back is
sore and I kept doing these, and it got better, but it
wasn’t until I actually did, and this is the big surprise, I’m gonna put this a little bit ahead, ’cause we’ll talk about
what you would normally do. We actually, we use the Thermotex here, and a lot of times Brad
and I use that at night, just to calm our backs down. But, believe it or not,
I was using a massager, ’cause I thought that would work better. So the third night, I
put the Thermotex on, and I was on it for
like three hours, Brad. – [Brad] Did you have it in this position, or did you have it– – No, I had it lower. – [Brad] Okay. – We have it in this position, and I’ll talk about this in a second why I have it in this position, but I had it lower. I just put it in my chair
and I leaned up against it. And it actually, the next
morning my pain was gone. I mean, it was just gone. And so, I don’t know,
I’m a case study of one, was it the Thermotex, was it the stretches finally paying off? – Combination? – Not a stitch of pain after that. The reason I like the
Thermotex, also though, and that’s why I had
Brad put it on this way, quite often when I get those
knots up here in the mid back, this is how I like to wear it. So what it does is it
actually stays in place, but it also, the straps help
pull his shoulders back. – Nice elastic straps. – So it actually pulls
you back in good posture. So it actually does a double benefit. It’s got a decent cord. A good, solid commercial cord. – Yeah, this cord is
gonna last a long time. And it’s set up so that
you can plug it in, there’s only one setting on it, because it does not, infrared
does not get real hot, you don’t need to with that,
but it does go very deep. – Right, I was just gonna, do you know where the ruler is, Liz? – Well, while you go find the ruler, Bob, I’ll tell them– – [Bob] Well, what I was gonna say, yeah you can tell ’em, Brad, but also, you could then also show ’em what you would do in your
case when you have back pain. – Sure. – So what we’re gonna
point out with the ruler is that it actually penetrates very deep. Normal heat will only
go a few millimeters. This actually can go two
point three six inches. – Right, and that’s because
this is far infrared, if you’re looking, technically speaking. They’ve done studies on this, they didn’t just come
up with these numbers. – Right. So it penetrates a lot deeper, it gets down into the joint, and I think that’s what
loosened up my joints, finally, of the back, and made me move. Yeah, well if you want
to take this off, Brad, and you want to show what
you normally would do, Again, 80% of the people, generally that’s the one they’re gonna do, you’re gonna do the extension. But for some of you, possibly
if you have arthritis, possibly if you have spinal stenosis, possibly if you have spondylolisthesis, a lot of those things, if you
have them you already know it. Then you’re gonna probably
wanna do something more on this line. And Brad, you can mention
some of the things you do, normally, after your back fires up. – Well, one thing, I got spondylo, Bob pronounces it, I can’t even
pronounce it like Bob does, I pronounce it spondylolisthesis, however it is, if you have
it, you probably know, about five to 10%
estimated people have it. Some don’t actually know
it ’til they get X-rays. – [Bob] That’s right. – But if you have a bad
back condition or stenosis, you’re gonna find that
laying on your stomach, in general, is not comfortable. – [Bob] It may actually flare it up. – Right. And then doing these press-ups
are even less comfortable and actually flare up the back pain, so I don’t do these at all anymore. When I was younger, I used to, but I think my spondy shifted and got worse in the last 15 years, and now I never do ’em. So when I have back
pain, first thing I do, do we have that leg wedge over there, Bob? – [Bob] Yeah. Is I’m gonna lay down and I
may pull my knees to my chest. And actually, right now,
feels pretty darn good. I’ve been shoveling this week, just yesterday I was shoveling. So I’ll do these. – [Bob] What a surprise,
you’ve been shoveling. – And I’ve got one of these
leg wedges in my bedroom, and I’ll put it down, and then I’ll put a
cold pack under my back. Sometimes I’ll use heat, depends on if it’s an acute pain, I just hurt my back, I’ll use cold, after it feels better, then I’ll use heat. Feels really good in the
winter, the hot pack. So I’ll lay like this for 20 minutes and sometimes that’ll be enough for me to get up–
– To calm things down. – Yeah, calm it down at least 50%, and sometimes more than that. So yeah, that’s what you’re gonna do, and that situation’s
when, the most common, the press-up where, you know, the majority of people
are gonna have success. – And then you do knees to
chest, did you show that? – Oh yeah, we went through that. – Oh you did, okay, I’m sorry, I was kinda not paying attention.
– Didn’t we do that, Liz? – Okay, and then you can
do the Thermotex, too. – Oh yeah. – ‘Cause you quite often
have that at night, right? – Right, I do, I keep my
Thermotex in my recliner. – Right, and I do the same. We actually got a set now where I got like a full-length pillow and I strap the Thermotex to that, so it doesn’t slide down at all. I mean, it stays right in place, and it works out good. Thanks to my wife for
setting that up for me. – You should see my recliner. I don’t know if we’re getting off base or, I have my lumbar support, my Thermotex, and then I have neck support so when I read, my neck feels good. Because furniture is not
made to fit your body. So you have to make adjustments.
– No, it’s not. – So that I feel comfortable
when I’m reading, or watching the screen. – I’ll tell you the other
thing he has right by him is probably a beer can right over here. (laughing)
– Well, you know, no, I never drink out of
cans, Bob, always bottled. – All right, well good for you. All right, thanks everybody for watching.

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  1. Gina Lombardi Post author

    Great tips, thank you! I got a thermotex infrared heating pad for Christmas and I love it. I was just thinking that maybe if you mark the top part of the sign you show on the back a little with something like a highlighter that you'll be able to tell which way it goes. Just a thought. Thanks again for your tips!

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    Hi guys, I am in Australia and just wanted to thank you both for all your videos and helpful advice. Truly allpreciated.

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  7. kigman1980 Post author

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    Huh it's the warmest February here in Scotland it's been nice here with highs of 13° definitely weird for this time of year it's usually freezing. Great video as always my girlfriend recently hurt her back I've been showing her your videos and showing her how to do the stretches her pain had gone down a lot and so has mine.

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