That’s Why Jet Lag Is Worse When You Fly East

That’s Why Jet Lag Is Worse When You Fly East

Well wouldn’t you know it — it’s 3 AM,
and the city outside the window is sound asleep. You, on the other hand, are hyper, hungry,
and a bit restless. Is it insomnia that’s keeping you awake? Nope, it’s something totally different – jet
lag! And one of the biggest jet lag mysteries is
why on Earth it’s worse when you fly east? Jet lag happens when you cross several time
zones while traveling from west to east or vice versa. It’s hard for your body to align its internal
clock to a new time zone – that’s why you experience all kinds of annoying symptoms,
from headaches to a loss of appetite. Your meal and sleep schedules are all messed
up, you feel lively at night and groggy during the day… Ugh! Shall I keep going? Almost every airline passenger has experienced
jet lag at least once during their traveling career. And still, there are lots of myths surrounding
this bothersome phenomenon! – For example, many people believe that the
reason for jet lag is a mere lack of sleep. But jet lag has more to do with your body
clock being used to the light/dark cycles of your home time zone. That’s why it gets terribly confused when
you reach a destination with a totally different light/dark cycle. – “To fight jet lag and arrive someplace as
fresh as a daisy, just take a good sleeping aid.” Sorry, folks, it doesn’t work this way. There’s no magic way to deal with jet lag
once and for all because, again, it’s not only about sleep. Plus, flight attendants could tell you a story
or two about the unpleasant outcomes of passengers taking something to try to sleep. – There’s a misconception that red-eye flights
(those departing at night and arriving in the morning) help you cope with jet lag better. Trust me, if you aren’t a lucky first-class
passenger, your bed will win in the competition with an airplane seat, hands down. Better take a day flight and have a nap after
you land – you’ll have more strength to combat jet lag. – “Jet lag can hit you no matter where you’re
going.” Um, not really. If you fly south to north or the other way
(meaning you stay in the same time zone), jet lag won’t be an issue. Sure, if it’s a 10-hour-long flight, you’re
bound to feel tired, dehydrated, and kinda numb all over your body. But all this will pass after a good night’s
sleep. Flying from east to west and vice versa is
another story. Such journeys DO lead to jet lag, and this
condition is no joke. Regular flyers know for sure that it takes
much longer to recover after traveling east than when you’re heading west. This paradox had remained unsolved until physicists
cracked the mystery! They used a mathematical model which demonstrated
that particular brain cells (called neuronal oscillator cells) react differently depending
on whether you’re traveling west or east. These are the very cells that regulate your
circadian rhythm – your 24-hour “internal clock” that’s responsible for your sleep-wake
cycle. When you travel to a place with a time zone
different from your home one, the cells can’t get used to this new environment fast enough. Displeased, they revolt by messing up your
sleep pattern, metabolism, and many other bodily processes. This turmoil lasts for at least a few days
after your relocation. But let’s return to the question of why flying
east tires you more. When you fly westward across several time
zones, you’ll automatically make your day longer because it’ll be earlier at your destination
than at home. Flying eastward will shorten your day because
when you arrive, it’ll be later than in the time zone you left. Those neuronal oscillator cells follow a cycle
that’s actually about 30 minutes longer than 24 hours. That’s why it makes it easier for you to extend
the length of your day than to shorten it. Those physicists’ mathematical model has
proven this. It showed that if you travel across 3 time
zones heading westward, you’ll be totally fine in 3 days or so. After flying across 6 time zones, you’ll need
about 6 days to recover. If you’re going east, though, it’ll take you
at least 4 days to adjust to the new environment after crossing 3 time zones. For 6 zones, the recovery time will extend
up to 8 days! By the way, some people deal with jet lag
better than others – all thanks to their natural brain cell cycle. It varies from person to person. While you may have a 24.5-hour circadian rhythm,
other people’s rhythms can be shorter or longer. It’s the difference between your brain cell
cycle and 24 hours that determines how bad your jet lag will be. The researchers have created this time-zone
theory based on their knowledge about the human brain. They haven’t tested it experimentally yet,
but when they do, it’ll hopefully help travelers better deal with that post-flight lag. Make sure to tell me what you do to get over
jet lag down in the comments! As for me, I have some of my own tricks…
plus what the experts recommend. Even if you can’t avoid it altogether, at
least you can make it more bearable! – Get a good rest and plenty of sleep before
your trip. Pre-flight stress and late-night packing will
wear you down and make your jet lag worse. – Cut down on caffeine – not right before
your flight, like most travelers do, but 12 to 24 hours in advance. It’ll prevent your body from getting overstimulated,
and you’ll fall asleep at a reasonable hour in a new time zone. – If you’re going to have a night flight and
sleeping on a plane is a problem for you, prepare for the journey in advance. Pack a sleeping mask, neck pillow, and earplugs,
and wear comfortable clothes. – Try to move as much as you can before and
during your flight. Staying in one place for a long time will
make your shoulders, hips, and back feel tight. A deep lunge or a squat here and there, stretching
your arms overhead – you’ll feel much better! – Figure out whether you should sleep on the
plane or not before your flight. It all depends on the local landing time. If you arrive in the evening, sleeping on
board can lead to a restless night and ruined first day. If it’s morning when you arrive, it’s better
to have at least a nap on the plane – then you’ll be more or less fresh when you reach
your destination. – Drink lots of water. Proper hydration will help your body adapt
to a new time zone faster. You can also snack on water-rich foods like
berries, tomatoes, celery, or cucumbers. – As soon as you land, start moving. However impossible it may sound, a workout
will get your circadian rhythm back on track. – Adjust the temperature in your room so that
it’s a bit on the cool side. It’ll help you fall asleep faster and have
better sleep quality. Also, remember to keep your room pitch dark:
it’ll boost the production of melatonin – the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. By the way, few people know that flying isn’t
the only cause of jet lag. Let’s say you follow a totally different schedule
on your weekdays and on the weekend. Then your internal clock can also fall out
of sync. This phenomenon even has its own name – “social
jet lag”! Now imagine going to bed at 2 AM and waking
up at 11 AM on Saturday while you’re usually asleep from 11 PM to 6 AM on workdays. No wonder it can lead to a confusing mismatch
between your internal ticker and the real time! Jet lag might spoil the first few days of
your vacay, but it can also get you some of the best travel experiences! Being fresh and energetic, you can have a
late-night excursion and admire the city lights. Or it won’t be an issue for you to wake up
super-early to see a breathtaking sunrise. Just go with the flow and, well, look on the
Bright Side! And if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! Here are some other cool videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and, like
I said, remember to stay on the Bright Side of life!

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    When I had to fly from the east coast to London, I would stay awake during the flight (can never sleep on a plane anyway) and stay awake all day long when I arrived. I would then go to bed at around 8-9 pm super tired.

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    When you get to your destination get up early right before the sun rises then watch it rise the whole time and it helps a lot but if you get there after sunrise wait till the next day to do it. Note this doesn't happen instantly but it shortens the recovery time a lot

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    Best way to fight jet lag is to sleep on time according to your current time zone. It's a very good way to adjust automatically to timezone shifts. If you arrive in the morning that is supposed to be a night time to the timezone you used to, just take a nap for a little then sleep regularly during night(around 7-8 pm) in your current timezone. Your morning will be just good as it was. Do the same thing when you arrive at night time even though it will be a looooooooooooooooonnnnnnggggggggg sleep. Another one is to keep your self busy until it's sleep time.( Maybe you should play a boring board games or irritating mobile games.)

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    I travel Chicago to London on vacations. I take an evening flight out, nap a bit, and land in London in the morning. I do not go to bed! The trick is to power through that first day of activities; eat well, stay hydrated, and go to bed by 10 pm. I am well adjusted to London time on day 2. Going back home is no adjustment at all. I take an early afternoon flight to Chicago and land in the afternoon as well.

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