Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and sad unicorn
Kali. she’s sad cuz her tailbone hurts. so I’m gonna show you my top seven ways
to relieve tailbone pain, in humans. so let’s get started. so for the tailbone
or the coccyx, you really want to get that area moving. the pelvis in general,
but kind of down to the bottom of the spine because that’s where that coccyx
is. so the first one that you’re gonna do is kind of get over into all fours. you
want to spread your knees out about shoulder width apart, but you’re gonna
bring your feet in some. you don’t have to make them touch, but you just
want to bring them a little closer in than your knees. you’re gonna kind of
lean back almost like you’re going to sit down on your feet, but not go all the
way down. and once you kind of get to a stretch there, you’re just going to kind
of shift back and forth or we sometimes call it wagging the tail. so this is just
gonna help get that tailbone area loosened up a little bit. so you can just
go continuously back and forth like I’m doing, or you can kind of sit over to one
side and do maybe like a 5 to 10 second stretch, and then come back up, and then
shift over. so you should really feel that stretch down in that pelvis area
and that coccyx area down in there. so then after that, you’re gonna come back
up onto all fours and do a cat dog. some people call it cat cow. whatever you want
to call it, I like the cat dogs. so the cat, you’re going to come up arching up
your back and tucking in your chin. so you’re gonna come up like this. just like
when a cat stretch is really trying to stretch everything there, and then you’re
gonna drop down into that dog, or that cow, and bring your head up and really
try and drop your hips down. almost like you’re making a saddle with your back.
and so that should really again really help get that area loosened up back
there. you can do a 5 to 10 second hold. if you want to go longer, like a 30
second hold, you can do that as well. but just alternating back and forth. so when
you arch your back tucking in the chin holding that and then when you drop it
down bring your head up and look forward.
really get that stretch in there. so you can go back and forth maybe five
times. if you’re doing a longer stretch like thirty seconds, then you can just do
three times each way. so then you’re gonna go into a full child’s pose which
is kind of what we started off in the beginning. but now you’re gonna go all
the way down. some people like to start off sitting first back this way and then
kind of opening up. so you can drop your hips all the way down to the floor and
then stretching out your arms going into the child’s pose, or some people like to
bring out their arms first and then sit back into the child’s pose or the prayer
stretch, is what we call it sometimes. so you can do either one, but this one you
actually want to hold that stretch for about thirty seconds. so really getting
that nice full stretch in there. come back up kind of let it all stretch out
and the further you can get your bottom down to the floor the better stretch
you’re gonna get. so if you want to kind of spread your feet out of the way a
little bit, if you have that flexibility, you can do that. now if you don’t have
that much flexibility and you’re just coming to here, that’s fine. you want it
to be a comfortable stretch but feeling the stretch feeling some tension in
there. so then you’re gonna go into a kind of a cobra pose. and so the cobra
pose you’re just coming down onto your stomach and then pushing up this way. so
just really kind of trying to get that stretch. drop the hips down if you can
and then really get that pull up there. for this, some people might think that’s
a little bit too much, so if you want to start maybe just more like a prop, a
prone prop, you can do that. but if you can, eventually kind of come up into that
big push-up position. that’s going to give you that big stretch.
so again if you’re comfortable doing this, you can hold it for 30 seconds. but
when you’re first starting off, that might just be a little bit too much for
you. so doing maybe a 5 to 15 seconds so if you’re doing 30 seconds, do three of
them. if you’re doing the 5 to 10 seconds do maybe about five of them. so then
you’re gonna roll onto your back and then lie down and get
comfortable, and then this time you’re just going to do a trunk rotation. so bring
your knees together, just propping them up, and then you’re just going to roll
them over to one side. I’m trying to keep my upper back down. the the furthest hip
away is going to come up, but you should feel that stretch through the hips kind
of that low back down into that tailbone area. and so again with this one you can
do the 10 to 15 seconds, and do it five times. or if you feel like it’s a really
good stretch, you can do three of a thirty second stretch, but make sure
you’re doing both side so that you’re rotating back and forth. you should again
feel that stretch sometimes even all the way up here down, but a lot in here as
well. and just really getting that nice good stretch. and then the last one is
one that I really like to kind of help loosen up the whole hip, pelvic, coccyx
say the sacrum area. and all that is just simple bridging. and all bridging is is
you’re bringing your hips up off of the floor, and if you can’t get down on the
floor that’s okay. you can do this on your couch, you can do this on your bed,
you can do all these on your couch or your bed, but you’re really kind of
coming up one segment at a time. you don’t have to stop at each segment, but
see how I’m rolling my back down? I’m not just coming up and down like this
because then I’m not really working that that pelvis area, that tailbone area down
there. but really kind of rolling up. you don’t have to go past flat here, so you
don’t really want to arch your back because that might be uncomfortable, and
then nice and slow rolling back down. so you can just start off with maybe ten of
these going nice and slow. you can do maybe two sets of ten, and you can do all
these a couple times a day, maybe two to three times a day. yeah so there you have
it. those are my top seven ways to relieve tailbone pain in humans. if you’d
like help support my channel, make sure to click on the link up there, and don’t
forget to subscribe, where? right down there. and remember, be safe, have fun and,
I hope you feel better soon.

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