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Practicing in a Stressful Environment | Dharma Talk by Thich Nhat Hanh, 2004.02.08

[bell] [bell] [bell] Good morning, dear Sangha, today is February the 8th, 2004, and we are in the Deer Park Monastery during our Winter Retreat. Our Bell Master today is… Read more »

musique de guérison super puissante

Very powerful healing music Healing frequencies well being and relaxation Relaxation and calm to regain harmony Liberation of physical and emotional blockages Overcoming inhibitions, resistances, fears and complexes. Relaxation of… Read more »

【SHIATSU Back pain】Theory of Lower back pain by Kochi shiatsu massage Method®

Hi!! My name is Kochi. I am a Japanese shiatsu massagist, and I devised the Kochi Shiatsu massage Method® Thank you very much for tuning into the Kochi Method video… Read more »