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Time2Work Event | Rheumatoid Arthritis and Work (Full Highlights)

Good afternoon My name is Clare Jacklin. I’m chief exec of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. Today’s event is part of a wider European campaign. The ‘Don’t delay. Connect today’,… Read more »

Trade war and free trade — Michael Strain and Derek Scissors | VIEWPOINT

Derek: But, you know, going beyond the Chinese, I think it’s justified because we need to do something to change the trade status quo. And I don’t think other countries… Read more »

Stressful Things About Living in Korea.

Hello, and welcome back to my channel. I think these things that I’m going to talk about today are things that you can relate to if you live in Korea… Read more »

Best Way to Quickly Reduce Stress and Anxiety – James R. Elliot

I have worked with a lot of clients over the years I’ve learned a lot of different breathing techniques myself over the years and this is the best one. it’s… Read more »

How to Stretch & Exercise the Lower Back : Cat Camel Stretches & Exercises for the Lower Back

Hi I’m Angela on behalf of expertvillage.com and right now I’m going to show you a back stretch for your lower back. It is also use in yoga it is… Read more »