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Migraine: Presentation & Diagnosis – Emergency Medicine | Lecturio

[Music] now for patients who present with a migraine this is a very common presenting symptom to the emergency department this is something that we see relatively frequently migraines are… Read more »

New Program to Educate Teachers about Working with Students Post-Concussion

Even though she’s a good student, Lucy Gonzales says she couldn’t seem to finish on homework assignments until well into the evening. “I sat there and I honestly tried and… Read more »

Exam skills: 6 tips for dealing with study stress

Rob Preparing for and taking exams is for many, a stressful time. You can’t think straight and are daunted by the amount you have to learn. But things are probably… Read more »

RockTape – Kinesiology Tape Instruction – Split-Y Low-Back

Here we’ll detail the steps on applying RockTape Kinesiology Tape to the low back. This application is a great way to provide support and cue proper posture. Using our 4… Read more »