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Is It Normal to Get a Fever during Your Period?

This is a question I think is for you Dr. Nina. Okay. And this is a question from Niko. She writes, “My question is that is it normal for girls… Read more »

Buzz or Bust: Inflatable Neck Traction Device?

this is a neck traction device it looks like an inflatable type of device here it can be purchased with a simple click of a button online I guess it’s… Read more »

Severe Low Back Pain Relief With A Chiropractic Adjustment

And now, please enjoy this chiropractic adjustment video by Dr Ray Marquez, our Vineland chiropractor at Back Pain Relief Center. I like his outfits. Yea. She’s been up there for… Read more »

Surprising Pelvic Adjustment – Female Chiropractor St. Augustine, FL

Let’s get to work that right show left shoulder left shoulder pain, right? Yeah, it’s left this is right, Yes, some say it’s right OK, this is Ansley…take 1 Hi… Read more »