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49 Hoaxes People Actually Believed – mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.12)

Hi I’m John Green. Welcome to my Salon…hey there Ron Swanson. And we’re going to start this week with a popular psychological test: “While at her mother’s funeral, a girl… Read more »

This teen’s death wasn’t euthanasia — but it was still deeply wrong

 When people are suffering mental anguish and want to kill themselves, should we simply let them die?  Noa Pothoven was a troubled 17-year-old in the Netherlands She had suffered sexual… Read more »

Growing up with arthritis: Simon’s journey to finding a career

My name is Simon. I’m 21, I’m at university and I have got juvenile idiopathic arthritis. My Mum had arthritis, but a different type so it was osteoarthritis I was… Read more »

When Mike’s anger got out of hand, he got help

My name is Mike. I was in the North Port Army National Guard. I was deployed from mid ’03 to ’05 to Iraq. My Humvee got hit with a roadside… Read more »

Mental Illness in Stressful Times – An Asian-American Family’s Story

(Dr. Richard Nakamura) I’m basically a NIH and NIMH lifer. (narrator) Doctor Richard Nakamura now directs the NIH’s Center for Scientific Review, where all incoming grant applications undergo initial evaluation…. Read more »