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The Stress of Finals! | 12 Days of Vlogmas {Day 3} | Brooklyn and Bailey

– Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey and today’s vlogmas is going to be about our favourite thing ever: finals. – Blegh! – No. – Bailey and I both take… Read more »

A Powerful Lesson For A Stress Free Life

(calm background music) everyday we are faced with challenges and obstacles to help us grow and define us now when stress creeps in it could make things seem quite impossible… Read more »

Fighting a Migraine with Ice Packs and Cooking! 🍳 (10/6/17)

– I’m not saying that cooking is gonna fix my migraine, but, cooking is a huge passion of mine so it’ll lift my spirits. (upbeat music) Going on an adventure…. Read more »

“I’m So Stressed” Song

I’m so stressed I’m so stressed If I get a “B” I’ll be depressed. Please help me be less stressed. Glad you called Live and lol Just laugh and you’ll… Read more »

✔ Neurology Check Up | New Migraine Control Plan 👊 (7/3/17)

My neurology follow-up went great and I have a new and improved migraine control plan Jaquie: We’re going on an adventure! Judd: Ha, you’ve got freezing cold hands! Oh! Ha… Read more »