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Inner Ear & Vision Training: A Multifaceted Remedy

Today we’re going to look at a simple tool and how the letter A and eight lines can change your life. If you’ve watched the Z-Health Balance Gym you know… Read more »

Concussion & Vision – Complete Concussion Management

Well as far as how concussions affect vision, you have to think about the visual system. Over 50% of the brain is involved with the visual system in some way…. Read more »

221: Beyond Concussion, Mental Game, No Sugar, and Vision

alright doc live on video standby for audio all right good day and good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another live the fuel podcast show so today we’ve… Read more »

Taking Guesswork Out of Diagnosing Concussions

[MUSIC] Let’s go Aggies. Here we go. You cannot see concussion. Concussion does not typically show up on a CAT scan or MRI. What Dr. Khaderi’s research he is doing… Read more »