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Manipulation For Neck & Back Pain

Keep that leg straight and raise it as high as you can. Instead of bending lift your whole leg for me. Good and down, try the other side. Does either… Read more »

Severe Back Pain Relief With Chiropractic Treatment

Hi I am Dr Staci Avakian, Vineland Chiropractor at Back Pain Relief Center. I am here with Jason today. He has been coming in to get some alleviation of his… Read more »

Back Pain Relief Manipulation

Does that pressure feel hard to you? No, not at all. This area here and here is usually what produces that radiating pain over the arms and shoulders. Are you… Read more »

Spinal Manipulation For Chronic Mid Back Pain

Hi I am Dr Staci Avakian here at Back Pain Relief Center. We have a patient here today she has been having a lot of shoulder discomfort and pain as… Read more »