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Mango Tree with Three Strains (Multi Grafted)

Hi everyone! It’s now the month of August and I’d like to share with you one of my favorite mango trees that belongs to some friends of mine. What makes… Read more »

Grafted Avocados Tips and Timelines (Nishikawa, Sharwil, Lamb Hass strains)

Hi everyone! Here’s my grafted avocado plants- I’ll talk a little bit about them offering some tips and some timelines. Here’s a Nishikawa graft that was grafted on September 19… Read more »

Stress Testing Giant Sequoias | That’s Amazing

(pleasant piano music) – [Narrator] California’s iconic sequoias are the largest trees on Earth. These giants have lived for thousands of years, surviving war, famine and the rise of globalization,… Read more »