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Neck & Back Pain – Fiorini Chiropractic Speaks About Atlas Orthogonal

I’m Dr. Dennis Fiorini with Fiorini chiropractic center in our office the most common thing It really is a toss-up between neck pain and lower back pain between those two… Read more »

Dog Acupressure for Shoulder Arthritis : Dog Massage for Shoulder Arthritis: Shoulder Blade Massage

The next step in helping your pet cope with arthritis in his shoulders is to actually massage between the shoulder blades; right up and down through this area. And the… Read more »

Types of TMJ Issues Houston TMJ Treatment by John Barras DDS LVIF

– If you’re experiencing TMJ symptoms in Houston, Texas, we offer permanent treatment. Hi, I’m John Barras, a dentist in Houston, Texas and I’ve treated TMJ patients with all types… Read more »

Introduction to Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine : Demonstration of Counter Strain Joint Therapy

Hi this is Dr. Simcha Shapiro here with Expert Village. Now we’re going to be talking about a technique called Strain/Counter Strain. Now remember the concept of the technique is… Read more »