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²³·⁰²·²⁰²⁰ Detransition Storys Teil 1

Hello, today is Sunday the 23th of February in Year 2020. Some… many… too many Months ago I uploaded a Video, where I talkes about Detranstion and People, wo did… Read more »

What Is Post Concussion Syndrome?

*whooshing sound* I hope that’s on me. umm. Hi! My name is Lauren. I have Post Concussive Syndrome. It sucks. Today Is an okay day. It started out better and… Read more »

How to Cope with Loss and Tragedy [The Stress Less Show – Episode 41]

If you experienced loss in your life recently this episode is for you. Hi I’m Carlee Meyers, a stress management expert, and this month we’re talking about how to cope… Read more »