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How can you increase blood pressure if you have hypotension?

Patients with hypotension or low blood pressure often have poor quality of life due to symptoms of fatigue, lightheadedness when changing posture or even blacking out. The important thing here… Read more »

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

Sinusitis can be categorized into acute sinusitis, lasting for days or weeks, or chronic sinusitis with longer-lasting symptoms. Acute sinusitis usually occurs after a cold, which causes swelling in the… Read more »

Can you prevent arthritis?

It is actually quite difficult to prevent arthritis of the shoulder if we are genetically predisposed to it or have injured our shoulder causing damage to the articulation surface. But… Read more »

What are migraines and how can they be managed?

There are different triggers for migraine, one of them for instance can be daily stress, can be stress at work, in personal life and other factors. Hormones play an important… Read more »

Are there any new treatments for migraines?

We have different treatment strategies for migraine. The first one is the acute pain, the best medication for this are the so called triptans. We use for instance sumatriptan brand… Read more »