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Untold Physio Stories 127 – TMD, Headaches, Central Sensitization, or Something Else

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Missy Now Lives Headache Pain Free

I’ve been experiencing migraines for most of my adult life. And we, as a family, moved down here about four and a half years ago and I felt them starting… Read more »

Ear Pain Due to TMJ (Jaw Joint) Disorders

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is the joint that allows jaw movement to occur. It is located immediately in front of the ear canal shown by the green arrow. Both… Read more »

Self Massage Your Masseter (Jaw) Muscle! Crucial for relieving headaches, TMJ, clenching, bruxism

In this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you how to release and self massage your jaw muscle (aka your masseter) So that’s an easy muscle to find whenever you… Read more »