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Could This Happen to Me?: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

so look at this picture anyone the audience have any idea what we’re seeing here so this California woman noticed these red bumps across her body after a trip to… Read more »

Is It Normal to Get a Fever during Your Period?

This is a question I think is for you Dr. Nina. Okay. And this is a question from Niko. She writes, “My question is that is it normal for girls… Read more »

Buzz or Bust: Inflatable Neck Traction Device?

this is a neck traction device it looks like an inflatable type of device here it can be purchased with a simple click of a button online I guess it’s… Read more »

How to prevent the flu

As a family doctor on the frontlines, Dr. Sharon Domb does this all day long. The biggest thing that I do is handwashing and that transfers over from work to… Read more »

How to Do Sports Massage Therapy : Working the Lower Back in Sports Massage Therapy

Now what we are going to do and now that we have him suspended almost, his arms are forward and his blood is going almost down to his fingertips now,… Read more »

Are My HH Breasts the Cause of My Backpain?

please welcome Lindsay and dr. Mel med to the show great news is that zero structure problem is a perfect spine on the MRI and the x-ray shows there’s nothing… Read more »