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Watch LIVE Knee Replacement Surgery

– [Andrew] The following program contains images of an actual surgical procedure that may be graphic and disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young… Read more »

How To ACTUALLY Survive Falling Out of an Airplane

January 3, 1943 – During an air raid, B-17 bombers darken the skies over Nazi-occupied Saint Nazaire, France. An attack from German anti-aircraft artillery rips through a gun turret on… Read more »

Get the Smile You Want!

(upbeat music) (audience applauds) – A recent study indicated that more than one third of American adults are unhappy with having crooked teeth. It can be difficult at any age…. Read more »

K Johnson – The Strain (Official Video)

Man aint nothing wrong with smoking weed Weed is from the earth God put this here for me and you Take advantage man Broke it down like a lecture You… Read more »