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On average, over 800,000 people kill themselves every year around the world. Suicide is the 15th leading cause of mortality accounting for some 1.5% of all deaths. More people die… Read more »

Missing Leah Croucher’s brother killed himself after becoming ‘lost and broken’ – The News

  The mum of missing Leah Croucher has revealed her son took his own life in a heartbreaking Facebook post  Tracey Furness posted a tragic picture of herself holding son… Read more »

Giraffe receives stem-cell therapy from CSU veterinarians for chronic arthritis

So we’re here at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo today working with Mahali, a 14-year-old male giraffe, whose had a lot of chronic foot issues. Foot problems in giraffes is a huge… Read more »

What is a personal injury claim? | Gee Law Firm

A personal injury claim is just an individual who’s been involved in some type of activity by which they got injured, whether it is by way of machinery that was… Read more »