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Gua Sha Technique – How to apply Gua Sha to yourself or others

Hey guys, Hin here again from TrainedTo and today I’m going to show you how to apply Gua Sha. I’m going to show you the techniques behind it, how to… Read more »

HSS Minute: Sex Differences and Concussion Rates For Certain Sports (Study)

>>So, we wanted to evaluate all types of different sports as well as the mechanism of concussions including contact with another player, contact with the ball or equipment, or contact… Read more »

CJW Doc Minute: Why do I hear a heartbeat in my ears?

(light gleeful music) (clock ticking) [Narrator] Why do I hear a heartbeat in my ears? This is a problem that happens with some frequency. But before we get into the… Read more »

Science finds a better way to measure stress, anxiety and depression

(upbeat music) – Our next talk is going to be, again, in wellness, but in a slightly different area and it has to do with mental health which is, as… Read more »

Knee osteoarthritis | meniscus surgery leads to arthritis

Does meniscus surgery protect you from getting osteoarthritis of the knee… the answer coming up Surgery To Repair Meniscal Tears May Be Linked To Increased Risk Of Arthritis. Robert Preidt… Read more »