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You Can Always Return

(light music) (light rock music) – Perfect. ♫ Smoking room, wherever you are ♫ – Start unbuttoning your shirt. – Like this? – Slower. (camera shutter clicks) Perfect. (laughing) Oh… Read more »

Teens and Stress – Science Nation

MILES O’BRIEN: Dealing with teens can be rough; they’re moody and sometimes they’re not the best decision makers. So what makes a teen act like a teen? ADRIANA GALVAN: Teenagers… Read more »

The Stress of Finals! | 12 Days of Vlogmas {Day 3} | Brooklyn and Bailey

– Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey and today’s vlogmas is going to be about our favourite thing ever: finals. – Blegh! – No. – Bailey and I both take… Read more »

Alcohol, Marijuana use by Teens Tied to Concussion Risk

(Image source: Raising Arizona Kids) 
BY JASMINE BAILEY Athletes aren’t the only ones at higher risk for concussions — a new study shows teens who drink alcohol or smoke pot… Read more »