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Concussions: Return to Play

a week after the concussion that child is at risk if they were to have a second concussion we don’t like to return to play until all cognitive symptoms are… Read more »

The Teenage Brain Explained

Being a teenager is hard. And so is living with one, I’m told. No human gets to escape this moody, angsty, confusing phase And interestingly, such an extended adolescence is… Read more »

Teens and Stress – Science Nation

MILES O’BRIEN: Dealing with teens can be rough; they’re moody and sometimes they’re not the best decision makers. So what makes a teen act like a teen? ADRIANA GALVAN: Teenagers… Read more »

5 Easy Exercises—Strengthen & Stretch—Lower Back Pain Relief

Ola! My name is Leo. Welcome to 5TV Today we will get stronger. A long long time ago, I suffered from chronic back pain. Like most of you, I tried… Read more »