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Healthbreak: Treatment for Arthritis in the Knee

(driving, exciting music) – [Announcer] Healthbreak is brought to you by Coliseum Health System. – Osteoarthritis in the knee can cause, severe, aching pain. If conservative treatments don’t help, Dr…. Read more »

Iron Deficiency Anemia, All you need to know!

Hey everybody…Let’s talk about iron deficiency anemia. So, in previous videos… We have talked about anemia, what’s anemia, Also, microcytic anemia (low MCV), Iron studies…So, if you need anything from…… Read more »

Holly’s Success Story from Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was always independent, always self-sufficient, always able to take care of things. Take charge. I was really busy, I met a lot of people. I really really liked my… Read more »

Chronic Low Back Pain – Symptoms Resolved – www.DavisSpineInstitute.com

When you originally presented to the office you presented with chronic lower back pain. It limited your capacity to walk, limited your capacity to golf, limited your ability to enjoy… Read more »

Hip and Knee Arthritis On Demand Seminar

(upbeat funky music) – As I mentioned again, I’m Dr. Williams, and I’m in the division of orthopedic surgery here at Coordinated Health. Let’s talk about arthritis a little bit…. Read more »