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STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH….and YET, your hamstrings are still TIGHT?! YOU HAVE ADHESION!

(bright percussive music) – Warming up. (music continues) I just stretched, why are my hamstrings so tight? – [Doctor] Problem! (music continues) Assessing! Oh boy. Those are some tight ham… Read more »

Back of the Hip Stretch to Help Increase Golf Club Swing Speed

To be able to generate high-speed rotational force without damaging your back, it’s very important that you have flexible mobile hips. This next quick stretch helps to establish those. Jon’s… Read more »

How to Sew With Stretch Velvet

What happens when you combine velvet and knit together? You get stretch velvet. Not only does that mean you get comfort and elegance in one fabric, but also some of… Read more »