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Stress Analysis: Thick Walled Pressure Vessels, Press & Shrink Fits (4 of 17)

No more questions? Okay. Then let’s quickly recap what we did last week. We looked at theories of failure, both for ductile materials and for brittle materials. For ductile materials,… Read more »

Stress Analysis: Completely Reversed Stresses, Modifying Factors, Stress Concentration (8 of 17)

I just wanted to mention that. Alright, last time we talked about the SN diagram, and how it, would be useless if we plot it on a rectangular, or even,… Read more »

Stress Analysis of Connecting rod using Hypermesh – Online Workshop

Wanna try this analysis yourself? For FREE!!! Register Now http://goo.gl/ipjXJT Plus the guidelines as well. A Learning Initiative by Techzilon.com You will receive the Connecting-rod model used in this video