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Stress, Strain & Quicksand: Crash Course Engineering #12

No matter where we are, we’re almost always affected by our environment. Because, we’re affected by the medium that we’re in. Usually that medium is a fluid, like air. And,… Read more »

Stress-Strain Diagrams

In this video we will provide an overview of engineering stress-strain diagram instrumentals Engineering stress-strain diagrams are developed from physical testing. A carefully prepared test specimen is subjected to a… Read more »

KT Tape: Neck Pain

This Technique is for middle neck pain occurring usually in this area it’s usually posture related so, sitting at a computer for a long time or driving for a long… Read more »

KT Tape: Rib

Hi, I’m Chris Harper and with me is John, and we’re here to demonstrate an application for rib pain, this is for when you have pain at or around the… Read more »