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KT Tape: Groin Strain

This next technique is for groin strain or an adductor strain which is actually a muscle pull of the muscles on the inside of the thigh and for this technique,… Read more »

KT Tape: Quad Strain

this next technique is for a quadricep strain, which can be a small tear in the muscle or tightness in the quadricep causing some pain and so what I’m going… Read more »

How To Stress Test your CPU with Prime95 & IntelBurnTest

Hi and welcome to this short video on how to stress test your CPU. I’m going to show you two applications that are able to put maximum load onto your… Read more »

Neck Pain Relief Exercise

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapists in this video I’m gonna be showing you a really handy technique to mobilize your own neck now if you’ve woken up and you’re like a… Read more »