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When should I see a spine surgeon for my back pain? – Reston Hospital Center

Back and neck pain is very prevalent. It’s only second to the common cold for cause of missed work in the United States. It is a delibitating condition that can… Read more »

Meet Steven Garfin, MD: Orthopedic Surgeon

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Phoenix Spine & Joint | How does a DVR spine procedure treat back pain?

A Direct Visualized Rhizotomy, DVR for short, is for mostly low back pain. The joints in the back called facet joints will wear out or can become injured and painful,… Read more »

Barton Health Peek: Back & Neck Pain

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Zachary Child, I’m here with your Barton Health Peek. Spine surgery and spine problems are different in that there’s an added layer of complexity associated… Read more »