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Scold’s bridle: instrument of torture and punishment

The first use of the Scold’s bridle was recorded in Scotland in the 1500s and eventually spread to England and other European countries, like Germany, and cities under its influence,… Read more »

Pronunciation: Word Stress

Hey everyone. In this video we’re going to do some more pronunciation. We’re going to focus on word stress. In order to talk about word stress, we need to review… Read more »

Pronounce English words correctly | Word Stress | Syllables | Pronunciation

Hello! I’m Emma from mmmEnglish and in this lesson we’re focusing on your pronunciation, specifically syllable stress, which is very important. It’s the difference between the noun, present and the… Read more »

Speaking Clearly- Word stress

Hello, I’m Karen Dacy from Academic Skills. This speaking clearly video is for students who want to improve their pronunciation in English and today we’re looking at stress pattens in… Read more »

Exam skills: 6 tips for dealing with study stress

Rob Preparing for and taking exams is for many, a stressful time. You can’t think straight and are daunted by the amount you have to learn. But things are probably… Read more »