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Japanese PM faces fresh headache over Iraq records scandal

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in hot waters, over an alleged cover up of documents relating to troops his country sent to Iraq over a decade ago. This comes… Read more »

Cervical cancer-inducing virus strain can cause cardiovascular disease

now local scientists have recently discovered a link between some strains of HPV and cardiovascular disease in women their study also shows the disease has a high correlation with obesity… Read more »

U.S. stresses need for fair defense cost sharing deal with S. Korea ahead of talks

ahead of the fourth round of defense cost-sharing talks with South Korea next week the US State Department has once again stressed the need for a fair and reasonable deal… Read more »

Signs of rheumatoid arthritis can show up 1-2 years before diagnosis

now a new study shows patients with rheumatoid arthritis experience functional difficulties and disabilities for as long as two years before they’re actually diagnose the Mayo Clinic says difficulties with… Read more »

Light exercise helps manage arthritis pain during monsoon

time now for our life an info segment where we focus on information useful for your everyday now life now the monsoon season has arrived here in South Korea as… Read more »