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Feeling All the Feels: Living With Mirror-Touch Synesthesia

– [Carolyn] To go to a cocktail party and to see an hors d’oeuvres that has a toothpick sticking up from it, the point of that toothpick makes me feel… Read more »

Why MSM (Sulfur) is Important For Your Health (arthritis, skin, hair, nails, decalcification)

Hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen, This is David Benjamin from healthywildandfree.com, Today I want to share with you the health benefits of including sulfur in your diet. Sulfur is… Read more »

At-Home Spa & Skin Treatments : Making Emergency Aspirin Masks

Well, one of the secrets on set that we use is already in your medicine cabinet probably. Now, a lot of times we have celebrities that come in, and they… Read more »

What Is – Psoriatic Arthritis

While you are most likely familiar with the rheumatic condition arthritis – you may not have heard of psoriatic arthritis. So what is this condition, what are the signs and… Read more »