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Ep.22: Sing High Notes-Why You Strain-Part 3

We swallow hundreds of times a day. But the last thing we want to do is go into swallowing mode while we sing high notes. When we do, the larynx… Read more »

Ep.21: Sing High Notes – Why You Strain – Part 2

If you feel tension and strain when you sing high notes it’s very likely you are going into swallowing mode. Try humming while you swallow. (hmmmm) Going into swallowing mode… Read more »

Ep.20: Sing High Notes: Why You Strain – part 1

When you sing high notes, does it feel like you have to strain as you sing higher? A primary cause of this is the vocal cords are not making the… Read more »

Ep.10: How to Sing High Notes and How to Sing Higher than You Thought Possible.

Do you know how to sing high notes and how to sing higher than you thought possible? You do this by controlling your vocal cords. Inside this video I’ll show… Read more »