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How to Prevent Shin Splints and Stress Fractures

Hi I’m Eric Leighton, Certified Athletic Trainer with Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine. Stress fractures often happens when our body don’t have time to recover after a hard workout. The stress… Read more »

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 3 of 8

Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Booker of Capitol Rehab, and today we are going to be demonstrating the quadruped track. Now if you can go down on your hands and knees…. Read more »

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 5 of 8

Functional Rolls, or baby rolls, as some people call them, are an excellent exercise to tie in the upper body with the lower body. We use these with people who… Read more »

Lower Back Stretches For Pain Relief: Video 4 of 5

The Lumbar rotation is an excellent warm up for people with low back tightness or stiffness. The position is started by first lying on your back, second bending your knees… Read more »

Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 7 of 8

Ok. We are demonstrating the clam shell exercise. Pretty simple but really important. This exercise is designed to strengthen the glute medius, which is right in here. It’s a muscle… Read more »