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NEW Milwaukee M18 FUEL 230mm Cut Off Saw (M18COS230)

This is the new M18 FUEL 230 millimeter cut-off saw from Milwaukee When you’re cutting everything from metal to concrete, this tool gives you a whole range of cutting solutions… Read more »

Thoughts on the Wilder vs Fury rematch

This is Rummy’s Corner. I don’t know shit about boxing. In fact it’s almost comical. During the few years this channel has been in existence I’ve been wrong about every… Read more »

Mega Construx Halo Series 11 individual figures review!

hello its Jang here with look at the mega construx halo series 11 individually packed figures normally the first thing that I would do here is get these all open… Read more »

How Hellblade’s Mechanics Tell Its Story

Hi, I’m Hamish Black and welcome to Writing on Games. During my time with Hellblade, I was forced to confront some very real things about myself. I would often find… Read more »

15/16w Bumpdate! || Back pain and baby names.

Hello guys, how are you? Today I want to do another pregnancy vlog this time for weeks 15 and 16, I turn 17 weeks tomorrow And it’s kind of crazy,… Read more »