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Mitch Anthamatten Explains a Shape-Memory Cycle Involving Strain Induced Crystallization

Hi. My name is Mitch Anthamatten and I’m with the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester. I’m going tell you about a very interesting material that my… Read more »

Georgia Southern Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology Opening New Research Labs

With the original proposals and the support of the Board of Regents and the legislature and the governor’s office, we’ve renovated what was a pool area into a service and… Read more »

James Hicks Heading Off Concussions – UC Irvine (revised)

In water polo, you have players that are passing the ball around. When they catch the ball, they have the opportunity, they might shoot the ball at the goal. The… Read more »

Virginia Tech Helmet Lab Tackles Concussions in Female Athletes

>>This is full tackle. If anything is wrong with you, do not do this. (intense drum music)>>You really have to be physically very strong in order to go through 80… Read more »