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تخفيف الام اسفل الظهر- low back pain relief subbed

Hello this exercise used to relief low back pain you can use a rubber or theraband or a belt put the band on pain level and go down on your… Read more »

Low Back Pain Relief: Jane Fondas !

So if the leg is straight down in line with my body, I’m bringing it forward slightly and then I’m pointing my toes like the gymnasts do, and then I’m… Read more »

Improving your balance and stability following a sprain or strain of the lower limb

– Hi everybody, Alyza here from Wellness Embodied. Today I’m going to wrap up our week on sprains and strains, by showing you a few quick and easy exercises that… Read more »

Better Back Program- Cairns Physio Exercise, education and treatment for back pain.

– I’m Suzanne, from Wellness Embodied in Cairns. Today, I want to talk to you about back pain. Do you struggle to manage your back pain? Perhaps you’ve had a… Read more »

Music therapy has an immediate effect on chronic back pain

Music therapy has an immediate effect on chronic backache. depression, anxiety and stress are all identified with back pain. backache, as everyone who suffers with it will know, reduces the… Read more »