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Michigan State University Rehabilitation Post Concussion Treatment

There is care and treatment for post-concussion symptoms related to head injuries. MSU rehabilitation provides a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate and treat athletes with symptoms. For treatment call MSU rehabilitation… Read more »

Gaining Ground on Arthritis: Managing Arthritis in the Agricultural Workplace

[ Music ]>>So when you came in this morning you weren’t walking too good. What’s the problem?>>My knee is bothering me. Arthritis is acting up.>>How’s your back doing this morning?>>Well,… Read more »

Concussion & Vision – Complete Concussion Management

Well as far as how concussions affect vision, you have to think about the visual system. Over 50% of the brain is involved with the visual system in some way…. Read more »

Concussion Treatment & Rehabilitation – Complete Concussion Management

A concussion causes symptoms that can keep you from work, playing the sports you love, or even socializing with friends and family. Following a concussion, energy stores in the brain… Read more »