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KT Tape: Quad Strain

this next technique is for a quadricep strain, which can be a small tear in the muscle or tightness in the quadricep causing some pain and so what I’m going… Read more »

Stress fractures and running wearables: The mistake that could mean injuries

So the key thing to understand is that the force under your foot, the ground reaction force, is not the force on the bones, muscles and joints in your body…. Read more »

Dr. Jason McHugh on Concussion Prevention & Management

>>Healthy Hampton Roads is sponsored by Bon Secours.>>We’re talking about concussions today with Dr. Jason McHugh from Bon Secours. Dr. McHugh, if you suspect you have a concussion, then what… Read more »

How to Heal Arthritis and Osteoporosis Naturally at 73

John: Alright, this is John Kohler with okraw.com and this episode is actually interview my friend, Cecilia Star, who I actually met at a Woodstock fruit festival, and she got… Read more »

How to minimize hangovers

The indulgences of summer can come back to haunt you. Hangovers can cause headaches, nausea and an overall horrible feeling. Scientist and emergency physician Dr. Clare Atzema says, all that… Read more »

KT Tape: Neck Pain

This Technique is for middle neck pain occurring usually in this area it’s usually posture related so, sitting at a computer for a long time or driving for a long… Read more »

KT Tape: Rib

Hi, I’m Chris Harper and with me is John, and we’re here to demonstrate an application for rib pain, this is for when you have pain at or around the… Read more »