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Managing stress, anxiety and fatigue in pregnancy with arthritis – Emer Sheridan

So it’s very normal in all those stages of pregnancy from pre-planning right through to the very end and the post-pregnancy period to experience stress and anxiety. I’m Emer Sheridan,… Read more »

15/16w Bumpdate! || Back pain and baby names.

Hello guys, how are you? Today I want to do another pregnancy vlog this time for weeks 15 and 16, I turn 17 weeks tomorrow And it’s kind of crazy,… Read more »

Warning Signs – Headaches During Pregnancy

I’m Carol Nelson with Today’s Health News. Headaches during pregnancy can be quite common, but some can be a warning sign for a serious problem. Researchers studied the records of… Read more »

Headaches During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

Headaches and pregnancy are relatively common and patients who’ve never had bad headaches before might find themselves suffering. The most common time that we see patients with headaches is probably… Read more »

Pregnancy and arthritis – rheumatology perspective – Prof. Douglas Veale

I think one of the most frequent questions we’re asked is around the medications and pregnancy. My name is Prof. Douglas Veale. I’m a rheumatologist from St Vincent’s University Hospital… Read more »

Exercise in pregnancy with arthritis – Mary Grant

For people with inflammatory arthritis, they often find it hard to engage with exercise, and some of the barriers can be pain, and also fear of causing damage by exercising…. Read more »