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Dr Hetland’s Top 3 Pillow Recommendations for Neck Pain Relief!

Hey Dr. Ryan Hetland here. Welcome to today’s 3-minute chiropractic seminar. I wanted to talk you about pillows. It’s a great topic to discuss because everyone sleeps and everyone needs… Read more »

How to Choose a Pillow For Neck Problems and Headaches

as important as getting a correct mattress is getting a good pillow that fits your body perfectly you can have a perfect mattress built for you and your partner and… Read more »

How to Choose a Mattress To Reduce Back Pain & Neck Pain

one of the things that’s quite a big determining factor in how much back pain you experience on a daily basis is what mattress you’re sleeping on if your mattress… Read more »

3 Best sleeping position for lower back pain relief

A sciatica sufferer pain would not spare you even of during sleeping you may find comfort in one posture but again it s not possible to remain in single position… Read more »