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Jon Arnason, MD, UW Health Rheumatology and Arthritis

>>There’s usually more than one option, and it’s always going to be a mutual decision. I lay out what the options are, discuss the pros and cons because there are… Read more »

How to Choose a Natural Allergy Supplement

Seasonal allergies are no fun but there are some non-pharmaceutical, natural supplements that you can take to help you feel better as the seasons change and your allergies flare. In… Read more »

John Juozevicius, MD, UW Health Rheumatology and Arthritis

>>A lot of doctors, unfortunately, just look at data, not talk to people. But in rheumatology, we make the diagnosis a lot by just asking people certain questions. How long… Read more »

Meet Reshma Marri-Gottam, MD, Rheumatology Arthritis | Ascension Michigan

My name is Reshma Marri-Gottam, and I specialize in rheumatology. I chose to go into rheumatology primarily because now it’s the 21st century, there’s so many advances in medicine, especially… Read more »

Don’t Do it Alone: Susan’s Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi, I’m Dr Freda Lewis Hall, Chief Medical Officer at Pfizer. I’m so excited to be here in Australia talking with patients about their journeys. Today, we have Susan Hughes… Read more »

Iron Deficiency Anemia, All you need to know!

Hey everybody…Let’s talk about iron deficiency anemia. So, in previous videos… We have talked about anemia, what’s anemia, Also, microcytic anemia (low MCV), Iron studies…So, if you need anything from…… Read more »

Daniel Muller, MD, PhD, UW Health Rheumatology and Arthritis

>>Often people are sent to us where nobody else has made the diagnosis. Sometimes we can’t make the diagnosis, but a lot of time we can. And then for that… Read more »