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HCA Virginia – Neighborhood Health Watch – Knee & Hip Arthritis – Dr. Harry Shaia

– [Announcer] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors of HCA Virginia Health System. – [Diane] The topic today in Neighborhood Health Watch is knee and hip arthritis. The… Read more »

GammaCore for Headaches

Welcome to the program. I’m your host Neal Howard here on Health Professional Radio. A lot of us suffer from headaches in one form or another some of them are… Read more »

HCA Doc Minute – Hip Arthritis

(soft music) – I’m Dr. Harry Shaia, of Ortho Virginia, and I’m an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in joint replacement and sports medicine. Oftentimes patients come to me and are… Read more »

CJW Doc Minute: Why do I hear a heartbeat in my ears?

(light gleeful music) (clock ticking) [Narrator] Why do I hear a heartbeat in my ears? This is a problem that happens with some frequency. But before we get into the… Read more »

Approaching Rheumatoid Arthritis With a Positive Mindset

Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, glad that you could join us today. Today we have New York Times and USA Today best-selling author… Read more »