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Aquatic Arthritis Exercises for Arthritis Pain Treatment : Aquatic Arthritis Neck Rotation Exercise

Hi! My name is Rotem. I’m an Exercise Physiologist and an Aquatic Therapist, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. The next exercise is the neck rotation or looking… Read more »

Ayurvedic treatment for Back pain and Slip disc | Dr. Sajith Varma | INDHEAL

Hi, I’m Dr. Sajith Varma. Practicing Ayurveda for the last 30 years. Today we will discuss about intervertebral disc collapse, a very common cause for back pain Back pain is… Read more »

Difference Between Tension Headache & Migraine

Tension Headache versus Migraine. One of the most usual kind of migraine available is gonna be tension-type migraine. Its actually a low-pressure pressing feeling of the temple and also forehead…. Read more »